Eerdere congressen

Hier vindt u een tweetal testimonials van organisatoren van internationale congressen en hun reden om te kiezen voor Friesland als bestemming.

Sören Bauer is a Communication and Knowledge Management consultant from Vienna. He is a member of the secretariat of the European Innovation Partnership (EIP) on Water led by the European Commission which held its third conference in the Frisian town of Leeuwarden, the Netherlands,
on 10 February. Some 550 representatives of authorities, the corporate sector and
knowledge institutes from 50 countries participated in the conference.

“The participants of our 3rd conference considered the state of affairs in the area of waterrelated
innovations in Europe. They examined the opportunities and limitations in the field of, for instance, tidal-energy, water scarcity and water surplus, and how innovations may lead to solutions. Leeuwarden turned out to be the perfect destination for this conference. The event was widely supported by the Frisian authorities and organisations, such as the province, the municipality, the Association of Regional Water Authorities, Wetsus and the new Water Campus. Cooperation was good and professional, and all local partners considered it very important to make the congress successful. Add to this the hospitality of Leeuwarden, the characteristic Frisian landscape and waterscape, the large number of side meetings and site visits – such as a visit to the New Afsluitdijk, a demonstration of wastewater treatment technology and many more – and everybody will understand that the organizing committee was complimented generously with its decision to hold the conference in Friesland.”


Bianca Bouwman is an event manager and the owner of the events agency Cibana
Regelt. Together with representatives of Utrecht University, Wageningen University, the VHL University
of Applied Sciences and the Dairy Campus in Leeuwarden, she is organizing the Conference on Precision Dairy Farming, to be held in the WTC Expo in Leeuwarden, Friesland, from 21 to 23 June.

“The conference will have three, different days. On the first day, the conference will be attended by 250 to 300 scientists from all over the world. They will examine new technologies in dairy farming. In the Netherlands alone there are 3,658 Automatic Milking Systems. Furthermore, more and more cattle farmers are using sensor technology, which uses sensors to provide insight into the animals’ lying and standing behaviour and their rumination activity. When it comes to technology in cattle farming, the Netherlands is a frontrunner. That is why the visits to advanced dairy farms in Friesland on the second day from an important aspect of the conference. On that same day, there will be a special programme for Dutch cattle farmers in the WTC. The theme of the third day will be ‘Veterinary Day’, on which cattle veterinary surgeons will look in depth at what sensor technology means for animal health. Why Friesland as the destination? Apart from the fact that Friesland is one of the most beautiful Dutch provinces, it is also the centre of the Dutch agricultural sector.”